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Before you decide , a 10-point Checklist

This will help you choose the right preschool and childcare for your child
1.Management & Teachers- who are they are they approachable how are teachers selected do they treat children with love and respect and do the teachers look happy working there?
2.Educational Philosophy- what is the underlying methodology is the curriculam planned in detail are the activities varied and child centric how often one PTM'S conducted do you get to meat the teachers which k-12s are the graduates admitted to how is the slybuss communicated to parent and are the children prepared for scholl interviews.
3.Rules & Policies- ss there a written rules & policies manual is there a sick child policy and is it followed strictly is there a first did kid in the premises what is the philosophy on discipline ?
4.Class Environment- is the center child friendly is the ambience colorful way and well-lit are the children happy and at ease are the classess neat and stimulating the childrens ant display.
5.Child to Adult Ratios- what is the adult to child ratio it followed are the children seperate according to the agedoes the teacher have names for schedules tasks?
6.Safety & Hygiene- are the toys furniture and bathrooms clean is there a cleaning schedules the stair cases safetied are strangers restricted while children are on campus?
Carol Mongol
7.Play Areas-is there an allocated area for play is the play equipment age appropriate is for play supervised and is the equipment carned for?
8.Food & Kitchen- does the center have an in-house kitchenis the kitchen clean where do groceries come from is the menu planned, is the menu shared with parents, is the focus on healthy food and is assistance available for children during meal time?
9.Value Education and other importance- is the philosophy secular are all festivals celebrated at the child level of understanding is there a balance of east and west are and morals instilled is yoga/sholaka included in the schedule and are charitable projects undertaken?
10.Reputation- have you talked to other parents and those in the community about the staff bhaviour friendly and welcoming and have you read/seen parent testimonials your six sense about the center? Is it the best place for your child?

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